Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why Playing in the Rain is Good for Your Child

We are getting some much needed summer rain and today I let the kids play in it. That is the nice thing about summer rain, its usually pretty warm outside also. I remember as a child my mother letting me play in the rain and I adored it. There is something about rain that I have always enjoyed and my kids do too.

Why is rain play good for your child? Here is a list of reasons why I let my kids play in the rain.

1. It encourages a different kind of interaction with nature. Watching water run down leaves, create little streams and collect as drops on the plants puts things into a different perspective. We also like to watch the robin that lives at our house and the other birds dig for worms after a good rain.

2. They aren't going to get sick. That's just an old wives tale. The truth is, being indoors more when weather is bad and the close contact with others is what causes people to catch colds. Your immune system isn't weakened by simply getting wet in a warm summer rain, or we wouldn't be able to take showers. After being stuck indoors, the fresh air and running around is good for them.

3. It teaches them to be adventurous. So many times we are trying to stay out of the rain or worried about getting caught in it. Playing in it teaches them spontaneity and adventure. Go ahead and get out there too.

4. It's really fun. It really is fun and they always tell me I'm the best mom ever. If they have been inside all day it is a great release. Jumping in puddles, opening their mouth wide to catch rain drops and finding worms are all great examples of rain joy. Then we have early baths, towel snuggle hugs and sometimes even popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie.

5. It's an opportunity to learn about weather safety. This is especially helpful in tornado alley. We learn about what to do if there is thunder, lightning or high winds and what type of rain is okay to play in. I have also taught them about creek flooding and why we don't play at the creek when it rains. Science guys, it makes me happy.

Do you let your kids play in the rain? What is your favorite thing to let them play with in the rain?